Microwave Sensor EMPOWERS


MerryTek, founded in 2011, is a leading enterprise in the lighting control industry which integrates research, development, manufacture and sale of products. At present, the company possesses four major industries: microwave sensors, Dimmable Driver, Led Emergency Converter and digital accessories, and owns one major manufacturing base: Shenzhen, together with more than 260 employees. By the end of 2020, the company had obtained a total of 350 patents.

Among them, the international patent of low-impedance antenna solves the industrial problems of traditional microwave sensors with poor environmental adaptability and susceptibility to interference from wireless signals such as wifi, 5G, and Bluetooth. International patented technology 5.8GHz microwave sensing technology is used for biological detection of mobile, micro-motion, breathing signals, etc., 24GHz microwave sensing technology is used for the realization of breathing heartbeat signal detection, unlocking microwave sensing for smart home, smart buildings, smart Applications in many fields such as health care and security monitoring are possible.

It is also the first company in China to unlock microwave sensing technology for smart living and improve living environment. Innovative product concept and excellent product quality, "Merrytek" has become a well-known brand in the field of intelligent lighting sensing.

All the time, Motion Sensor has been the uppermost business of MerryTek. Since its establishment in 2011, MerryTek has been specializing in technical research and development in the field of microwave sensing technology. At present, in the field of Motion Sensor, MerryTek has obtained more than 350 national patents and has been equipped with the first domestic microwave antenna module automatic packaging line. The sales channels spread across more than 115 countries and more than 1100 plus clients, including OSRAM, PHILIPS, LEDVANCE, etc.


Our Vision

Becoming a leader in the international microwave space sensing industry.

Our Mission

Microwave sensing empowers smart, safe and healthy life

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We Have Cooperated With 500+ Brands