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Shenzhen Merrytek Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of microwave
sensors. It is also the first company in China to unlock microwave sensing technology for smart living and improve living environment.


Occupancy And Daylight Harvesting Sensors - How They Work And How They Can Help Dramatically Reduce Your Energy Usage

Introduction:-Since the beginning of the industrial age, light bulbs have been the most influential invention of all time. To have a constant source of light other than fire that would run on electricity was a giant leap

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Microwave Sensors: How To Utilize Them In Lighting

What are microwave sensors?Microwave sensors, also known as radar, rf, or doppler sensors, track human targets walking, moving, or crawling in an outdoor environment. Microwave sensors produce an electromagnetic (rf) fie

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Light Sensors: Units, Uses, And How They Work

Reduction in consumption units; How does a light sensor help in doing so?A lighting control panel or a light sensor(daylight sensor) works through signals and sensors based on a set algorithm to control and regulate ligh

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How Occupancy Sensors Work

What is an occupancy sensor? How does it work?It is a motion-sensing and detecting device to control the surrounding temperature, light and ventilation system. These provide an automated system of electricity control.&nb

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Your Guide To Occupancy Sensors For The Modern Workplace

Introduction to sensors The modern world has brought about many changes to reduce the burden off the shoulders of individuals and offer them a less complicated life. With technology, many new things have come up in

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What Are Occupancy Sensors, And How Can They Help Building Re-Entry

The world is now changing, and as it evolves, individuals are now experiencing new and quick changes that are helping to make their lives easier and much simpler. There are several sensors, with each one having a certain

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Choosing The Best Occupancy Sensor: 6 Considerations To Make Before Selection

All you need to knowThe use of occupancy sensors has dramatically increased, primarily attributed to the myriad of benefits it is known to provide to thriving organizations. What are occupancy sensors?But what are o

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How To Choose The Best Occupancy Sensors For Workspace

An occupancy sensor is an effective way to analyze the utilization of the office and building space. The role of the sensor is to detect the presence of people. This detection function also ensures higher visibility abou

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Lighting Control Panel Comes With An Occupancy Sensor.

Entering a dark room, a dark parking lot, or a dark corridor makes many people anxious. Similarly, wasting energy when it is not in use is a pet peeve for many and annoys them. So what is the solution that ensures that b

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Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor Switch

Occupancy sensors are the sensors that switch on/off the lights by detecting people around them. It switches on the lights when it identifies the people around it and automatically switches off the light when no person i

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