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Shenzhen Merrytek Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of microwave
sensors. It is also the first company in China to unlock microwave sensing technology for smart living and improve living environment.


Where are Occupancy Sensors Required

Electronic devices that detect the presence of people are occupancy sensors. There are many technologies for occupancy sensing, including microwave, infrared, ultrasonic, and video or image processing. These sensors typi

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What is the Difference Between Occupancy and Vacancy Sensor

The vacancy and Occupancy detectors function as motion sensor detectors, which turn on the light when someone is in the room and turn it off when no one is present to conserve energy and to provide convenience. They are

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How to Program Occupancy Sensor?  

The installation of occupancy sensors can speed up energy savings for your office, shopping mall, and retail space. With these convenient features, visitors can enter or exit a limited-access area without difficulty

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How To Install 3 Way Occupancy Sensor Switch

Stop fumbling around in the dark. Instead, install a motion sensor. Lights turn on automatically as soon as you enter a room with these smart house essentials. In addition, they automatically shut off as soon as you leav

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How to Adjust Occupancy Sensor Light Switch?

Occupancy sensors are also called motion sensors, which turn on or off lights based on factors such as heat or motion. When people are detected, the lights turn on and, if no people are spotted during a predetermined per

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How Does Ecobee Sensor Detect Occupancy?

Most of us are interested in things that can save us energy, time, and money. In addition to being curious, we're also curious to find out how ecobee sensors detect occupancy and is it really cost-saving? Moreover, Ecobe

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Are Occupancy Sensors Required By Code?

  Sensors that detect the presence of people are called occupancy sensors. There are several technologies that detect occupancy, but infrared, microwave, ultrasonic, and video image processing are the most commonly

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Occupancy And Daylight Harvesting Sensors - How They Work And How They Can Help Dramatically Reduce Your Energy Usage

Introduction:-Since the beginning of the industrial age, light bulbs have been the most influential invention of all time. To have a constant source of light other than fire that would run on electricity was a giant leap

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Microwave Sensors: How To Utilize Them In Lighting

What are microwave sensors?Microwave sensors, also known as radar, rf, or doppler sensors, track human targets walking, moving, or crawling in an outdoor environment. Microwave sensors produce an electromagnetic (rf) fie

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Light Sensors: Units, Uses, And How They Work

Reduction in consumption units; How does a light sensor help in doing so?A lighting control panel or a light sensor(daylight sensor) works through signals and sensors based on a set algorithm to control and regulate ligh

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