How Do You Install A 3-Way Occupancy Sensor Switch?

If you have a three-way occupancy sensor switch and you’re wondering how to install it, you’ve come to the right place. Before you begin, be sure you know the wiring layout of your switch. 

Before you install the sensor, make sure you know where the two black wires go. Then, you’ll need to run the red wire to the switch’s leg, which is the wire that powers the light fixture. 

Make sure to keep the two black wires separate so they don’t touch each other if you’re unsure of which wires go where reference to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you want to know how to install a three-way occupancy sensor switch, continue reading this article. 

What is a 3-Way Occupancy Sensor Switch?

A 3-way occupancy sensor switch detects movement and controls the amount of power going to the connected light. The sensor will automatically turn on a connected light when there is motion and turn off after a specified amount of time. 

Occupancy sensing switches can control incandescent, halogen, ELV, CFL, magnetic fluorescent, electronic fluorescent, and fan loads. The sensor detects heat generated by occupants moving within a space and changes the load based on the feedback from the occupancy sensor.

There are different types of occupancy sensor switches available in the market. If you are installing a three-way switch, you need to purchase a three-way occupancy sensor switch. The best thing about this type of switch is that you can use it from different switch locations. 

How to Install a 3-Way Occupancy Sensor Switch?

Once you have the occupancy sensor switched on, you need to know how to install it. You will need to use a two-wire romex to hook up the power. The sensor has a red wire and a black wire. Make sure to match the color codes. Then, connect the sensors and the switch. The sensor wires cannot have any splices on the box’s two sides.

The sensor is wired into the light circuit. Once installed, you should connect the red feed to the switch. Once the sensor is connected, you can wire the switch before and after the sensor. You can also add a motion sensor to a light circuit to turn on the lights when it senses movement. Once installed, the switch will turn off automatically after a certain amount of time. You can also use the motion sensor to control the brightness of the lights.

The sensor’s two black wires are marked. The red wire goes to the red wire of the three-way sensor switch. If there are no wires on the switch, connect the red wire to the terminal marked “load.” Then, attach the black and white wires to the remaining terminals on the three-way switch. Once these wires are secured, place the switch in the box. Install two screws and attach the cover plate to secure the switch.

After you have installed the switch, make sure you know the wiring of it. There are three wires inside the switch: one black wire, one red wire, and one white. The black wire is a line, the red wire is the load, and the other two are travelers. Then, you need to connect the switch. Afterward, the switch will act as a switch and shut off the light automatically.