The Best Motion Sensor Light Switch in 2021?

A motion sensor light switch is useful for many purposes. For one, it can detect burglars and enhance indoor safety. Insufficient lighting in a room is dangerous for children and the elderly. 

Additionally, these switches turn on automatically when you enter or leave the room. In this way, you can save energy. Premium motion sensor light switches use dual technology to detect motion and turn off lights accordingly. 

Some of these switches can handle a considerable amount of wattage. In fact, some of them are capable of managing 500 watts of incandescent bulbs and 250 watts of LEDs or CFLs. 

There are a few things to consider when buying this kind of switch. One of the main benefits is energy saving. Besides saving money on electricity bills, they can also be a welcome addition to homes with kids who often forget to turn off the lights or rooms.

If you are looking for the best monition sensor light switch in 2021, continue reading this article. 

The Best Motion Sensor Light Switch in 2021

There are many motion sensor light switches on the market today, but which is the best? Here are some of the best motion sensor light switches in 2021. 

  • Sensky SK037

The Sensky SK037 motion sensor light switch can detect both heat and movement, making it ideal for homes with children or pets. The Sensky SK037 is ideal for a wide range of needs, from office lighting to home security. The delay time is adjustable, from 10 seconds to seven minutes. If the light is not switched off within the preset time, try setting the delay time to be longer than seven minutes. The detection range can be set to three to 12 meters. The Sensky SK037 motion sensor light switch has three wires: a black lead that connects to the “hot” wire of your circuit; a blue lead that connects to the other end of the light, which is called the “switch leg,” and a green wire that connects to the circuit’s ground system. 

  • Enerlites MWOS

The Enerlites MWOS motion sensor is a versatile, easy-to-use light switch that uses a combination of PIR and ultrasonic technology to detect motion. It is available in white with a matte finish. Most other motion sensor light switches have a wider variety of colors. The switch also features two round cutouts for the ultrasonic cones. While it does look like a regular light switch, it is actually more like a regular one, with the exception of the sensors. The Enerlites MWOS motion sensor has three settings: light intensity, range, and operation mode. 

  • GE Z-Wave Plus

The GE Z-Wave Plus Motion-Sensor Light Switch is a cross between smart and motion-sensor light switches. It can be controlled using the built-in analog buttons or through the use of a smart home hub. It is not connected to Alexa but does work with compatible hubs. There are two wires needed for the GE Z-Wave Plus switch to function properly: one for the sensor and another for the LED. The ground wire serves to keep the device safe and is also required to power the light. The GE Z-Wave Plus Motion-Sensor Light Switch has two modes: occupancy and vacancy.