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Monitoring System For Smart Healthcare

Merrytek Safety Monitor Adopts Wireless Intelligent Recognition Technology, Based On The Theoretical System Of Human Body Behaviors That Has Obvious Characteristics On The Interference Of Wireless Waveforms, And Realizes 24-Hour Unconscious Monitoring Of Patients And The Elderly. Once An Accident Such As Falling Or Falling Occurs, , The First Time Alarm

At The Same Time, The Monitor Can Recognize The Wireless Signal Fluctuations Caused By Chest Vibrations During Breathing, Which Can Achieve High-Precision Monitoring Of Human Respiratory Frequency, And Then Evaluate The Quality Of Sleep, Providing An Effective Basis For Health Testing.

Our Solution
24 hours monitoring

24 hours monitoring, if you find an accident such as falling or falling into bed, an emergency will be reported as soon as possible.

No invasion of privacy,

No invasion of privacy, effectively covering toilet and bedroom areas Solved blind areas covered by bedrooms and toilets

Safe monitoring

Safe monitoring method with an accuracy rate of up to 95%

24G Human Body Presence Monitor
Sleep State Monitor Radar
Fall Detection Radar
Respiration Measure Radar
Alarm Radar for People Left in the Car
Medical Heartbeat and Respiration Radar