Motion sensors and lighting controls for meeting room

Motion sensors and lighting controls for meeting room

There are many new technologies that amaze us every day. One of those amazing technologies is Motion sensors and lighting controls for the meeting room. In this article, we will study some of its benefits with the help of some points.

Counting the number of people 

In the meeting room, there are many numbers of coworkers and sometimes even strangers. Many a time it happens that the management wants to know how many people have attended the meeting and how many have not. Along with this they also want to know whether everyone was there in the meeting room or not.

Though it can be done manually also, generally it’s too much time taking and for some meetings where the number of the person to attend the meeting is large, it’s not possible to count every member clearly.

There are also the cases that the meeting is so important and the chances of many people to come there are problematic. In such cases, many companies do not take the risk of assigning the work for counting the total number of people or checking if someone is still to come, they just can’t rely on humans as they think a machine can do better than humans in these cases. This is true also. With the help of Motion sensors and lighting controls for the meeting room, you can keep each above-mentioned details to you.

This device also can help you to know whether the place is sufficient for some specified number of meeting attendees or not. With these features, you can set all such requirements for all the people in advance. With the help of it, you can also plan to change your location,  if you find that the place can not accommodate all those people, with whom you want to have the meeting. With this, you can escape the last moment trouble of arranging all the people or changing the location or even cancelling the meeting after calling everyone.

No need to switch on while entering first or leaving last

It’s not possible to wait for all the people to go out of the meeting hall or wait for the coming of the first person, many a time. In such cases, the auto turn on and off light system is very important, even in the meeting hall or meeting room. In this way as soon as the first person enters the room, the lights get switched on and as soon as the last member leaves the room or hall, the light gets switched off automatically. It all happens due to the motion sensor device which works along with the collaboration of the lighting system to enhance the overall impact on the meeting room or hall arrangement.


Though we have mentioned some benefits above, it’s not all which you get from it. The more benefits you will get while using it in your meeting room and also at some other places.

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