LifeBeing Sensor MSA012 R

Basic Information

True occupancy sensor/ presence sensor, A very slightly movement even human breathing can be collected, never worry a sudden shut-off when light is necessary.


Flush Mounted / 120-277Vac / 1-10V Dimming / Daylight Harvesting

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Product Description


LifeBeing Sensor-MSA012 RBreathing Detecting Technology/1-10V Dimming:


A multifunctional sensor for human detecting and daylight harvesting. Lights brightness control intelligently.

A very sightly movement even human breathing can be collected, never worries a sudden shut-off when light is necessary. Applied to office, classroom, meeting room, library, etc.

Interference-free with flying insects, falling leaves, air vent and wireless signal (WiFi,Bluetooth,4G and 5G).Can be operated by remote control (MH10), easy to install and modulate.


Low Impedance Antenna Technology:


Combined with 5 8G Life being sensor technology, Any movement, micro even respiratory signals can be collected to realize real occupancy detecting, meanwhile not interfered by air conditioning exhaust fan and wireless signals.


Accurate Constant Light Technology:

Solve the industrial problems that the constant light range is inaccurate and easily affected by the color of the illuminated object and achieve the purpose of maximizing energy saving and optimal comfort.


All Settings Can Be Selected Via IR Remote:

Various parameters can be set by remote controller,which is convenient for engineering installation and debugging.


Independent Flush-mounted Installation Design:

Independent flush-mounted installation design makes the sensor not limited to LED lamp sensors can be well hidden in the existing lighting environment to avoid any damage.