LifeBeing Sensor MSA040D RC

Basic Information

True occupancy sensor/ presence sensor/vacancy sensor, A very slightly movement even human breathing can be collected, never worry a sudden shut-off when light is necessary.


Surface Mounted / 12-24Vdc / Dry Contact

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Product Description

LifeBeing Sensor-MSA040D RCSurface Mounted / 12-24Vdc / Dry Contact Output:

  • Innovative patent energy-saving switch, control lights ON-OFF automatically. The traditional switch is needless.
  • A very sightly movement even human breathing can be collected, never worries a sudden shut-off when light is necessary.
  • Interference-free with flying insects, falling leaves, air vent and wireless signal (WiFi,Bluetooth, 4G and 5G).
  • Adjustable detecting settings, suitable for various places, such as toilet, kitchen, office, library, corridor, etc.

LifeBeing Sensor Technology:

The product has a built-in living body detection module and constant light sensor, which supports mixed detection of moving, inching and breathing signals.

*Remote Control:

Patented remote control to adjust the launch angle according to the mounting height, avoid malfunction

*Brightness Adjustable:

Adjust brightness level when sensor activated through Dim+/Dim-buttons on the remote control.

*Daylight Harvesting:

The light-controlled adaptive function is that the brightness of the load can change with the change of the surrounding sunlight. When the outside sunlight becomes stronger and stronger, Decreased brightness under load; As the sunlight outside gets darker, the load brightness increases; Using sunlight to achieve full energy-saving, Lux Total=Lux Sun+Lux LEDs is expressed as a simple formula.