DALI2.0 Dimmable Driver KL30C-PDiiV

Basic Information

30W, flicker-free


30W, flicker-free

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Product Description

1. Built-in DALI interface

2. Flicker-free for whole dimming range

3. Primary dimming with push button

4. Secondary dimming with 1-10V dimmer and potentiometer

5. Protection:short circuit / over temperature / over voltage

6. ≤0.5W Stand-by power

7. 5-year warranty @Ta 230V, full load

Model KL30C-PDiiV
Dim Interface 1-10V,PUSH,DALI
Dimming Range 0%-100%
Input Voltage 220-240Vac,50/60Hz
Stand-by-power ≤0.5W
Efficiency 85% Max (@230V AC, Full Load)
Output current/voltage/load 300mA(9-58V) (2.7-17.4W)  350mA(9-58V) (3.15-20.3W)   
400mA(9-58V) (3.6-23.2W)   450mA(9-58V) (4.05-26.1W)
500mA(9-58V) (4.5-29W)     550mA(9-55V) (4.9-30.2W)
600mA(9-50V) (5.4-30W)     650mA(9-46V) (5.8-29.9W)
700mA(9-42V) (6.3-29.4W)    750mA(9-40V) (6.75-30W)
800mA(9-38V) (7.2-30.4W)    850mA(9-35V) (7.6-29.7W)
900mA(9-34V) (8.1-30.6W)
Safety Standard EN61347-1,EN61347-2-13,EN62493,EN60598-1
EMC Standard EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
DALI Standard IEC62386-102(Ed1.0),IEC62386-207
Certification CE、CB、ENEC
Operation Temperature -25 – 50℃
IP Rating IP20
Dimension(mm) 103*67*22