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Lighting And Lighting Controller Systems Are The Most Important Parts Of Home Automation.

You Have Probably Heard The Term "Smart Home" A Lot Especially In Luxury Residential Projects. What Is A "Smart Home" Then? A Smart Home Can Control All The Lights In That House And Can Extend The Control By Controlling All Electronic Devices In The House From A Single Point Of Management. Smart Houses Can Collect All Required Information By Using Sensors Like Motion Sensors, Lighting Sensors, Door Sensors, Rain Sensors, And Many Others Like These. Smart House Can Evaluate The Collected Data And Can Manage Routine Tasks In Your House, Takes The Security Of Your Home, Informs You When Unexpected Case Happens Within The House. Basically A Light Controller System Can Detect A Motion Within A Closed Area And Can Turn On The Lights Automatically. You Can Think That When You Enter A Room The Lighting Control Can Turn On The Lights As An Example. This Is A Very Sample And A Basic Task For A Home Automation Application. It Is Also Easy To Find Sensors That Are Capable Of Managing Such Functionality Without Any Difficulty In The Market. One Of The Most Important Tasks Of A Smart Light Automation Is Its Ability To Self-Protect The House Against Burglars When You Are Not At The House. Yes, A Smart Light Controlling System Can Be Very Helpful For Improving Your Houses Security. A Smart Home Should Be Able To Turn On And Turn Off The Lights In The House Randomly. This Will Make Other People Think That There Are People In The House. Show How Smart You Are And Make Smart Your Houses As Well.

Our Solution
Microwave Sensors

Make your application more energy efficient with daylight threshold, daylight harvesting, corridor function and motion sensing technology.

Emergency Light Conversion

Our emergency light fittings offer up to 3hrs of power to illuminate your high hazard zones.


Led dimmer, touch panel, daylight switch and function options available to increase suitability to your application.