Microwave Sensor EMPOWERS

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Merrytek is your trusted and expert supplier of intelligent Lighting Control solution. We have the know-how and experience to help you quickly and easily find an Intelligent lighting control solution which is safe, reliable, cost-effective and totally suited to both your needs and the needs of your customers. our products are involving Motion Sensor、Occupancy Sensor、PIR Sensor, LED Emergency Driver daylight sensor, etc

Heartbeat Detection

The use of 24.125GHz high-frequency microwave can detect human heartbeat signals. This breakthrough can further extend microwave to large health applications such as elderly care and sleep monitoring.

Breathing Detection

Using the 5.8GHz microwave can detect the human breathing signal, so that the human presence can be detected. Can be used in smart home, smart lighting security, smart buildings etc.

Distinct Artificial Light And Natural Light

In 2016, light detection technology of Merrytek can distinguish between LED light and natural light, and developed products such as MSO2, MLC40C-PA, It breaks the situation that the lighting control detection device cannot be built into the lamp due to the influence of artificial light.

Microwave Movement Motion Detection Technology

Microwave micro motion detection technology developed by Merrytek can capture small movements, such as: typing, raising hands, shaking his head, etc, suitable for indoor applications such as offices, meeting room.

Resistant To Light Wind And Rain

In general, microwaves are used to detect moving objects, so wind and rain will also trigger microwave sensors. Merrytek outdoor version sensor, using a special software algorithm, light wind and rain interference will not trigger by mistake.

Core Technology Beam Trimming (Pre-Research)

Merrytek currently has major breakthroughs in microwave transmission angle, multi-beam transmission, and microwave attached wave adjustment. In the future, it can be used to adjust microwave directional transmission, and even multibeam transmission can be used to detection of crowd identity and personnel location distribution.