October 8, 2016
Latest company news about Judgement

Dear valued customer,


Thanks a lot for your continued support to Merrytek!


Regarding to the issues of one of our competitors Hxxxxxxx slandered Merrytek infringed its patent of microwave module, and attempted to destroy our branding and in vain to stop connection between customers and Merrytek. After two years of appealing and presenting evidence to the court, Merrytek has finally got righteous judgment and won the lawsuits! Here report as following,


In 2014, Company Hxxxxxxx sued Merrytek by the reason of infringing patents for microwave module technology, and tried to e-mail and visit all our customers to slander our company image/ branding/product in purpose of threatening customers not to build connection with Merrytek. As lacking of facts and evidences of infringement had occurred, court required Hxxxxxxx to apply for technology appraisement. But, Hxxxxxxx deliberately slowed on application and refused to pay appraisement cost, and even deliberately to slow down count date despite the urging of count. Finally, its lawsuit has been dismissed by court. Merrytek completely win! Please see attached written judgment from Intermediate People's Court of Shenzhen.


We solemnly declared that Merrytek is a manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights of microwave motion detecting. We are devoted to provide quality and advanced sensors and whole-hearted serve for customers and respect for our opponents. Merrytek will not tolerate unfair competition in any form!


In addition, Merrytek has been investing in advanced microwave and daylight detecting technology and obtained over 35 patents. We are also committed to supply the best sensor product to all our customers.


Thanks for your trust and support!


Merrytek Team

May 27, 2016