24GHz LifeBeing Detecting AC Microwave Sensor Mounting Height 2.5 - 4.0m MSA202S RC

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Merrytek
Certification: RoHS
Model Number: MSA202S RC
Minimum Order Quantity: 50PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: White box+ White box tags+ Clapboard+ Carton(K=A)
Delivery Time: 1, Sample and small order: Within 5 working days after receiving your payment. 2, Bulk order: 3-4 weeks after receiving deposit.
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs/month
Detail Information
Working Voltage: 220-240Vac 50Hz Working Mode: On/Off Function
Mounting Height: 2.5-4.0m Life Time: 5 Years Warranty@Ta 230V Full Load
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24GHz LifeBeing AC microwave Sensor


LifeBeing Detecting AC microwave Sensor


LifeBeing merrytek microwave sensor

Product Description

24GHz LifeBeing Detecting AC microwave Sensor MSA202S RC

1. Parameters

Working voltage 220-240Vac 50Hz
Power consumption ≤1W
Working mode On/off
Load capacity 400W (LED,Flourescent,ballast) ; 800W (Incandescent,exhaust fan )
Max. Surge Capacity 50A (50% Ipeak, twidth =500uS, 220Vac full load, cold start)
MW sensor frequency 24GHz-24.25GHz ISM band
Transmitting power 3dBm Max
Detection angle 100°
Detection range (radius) Normal motion: 3-4m ; Minor motion: 3-4m ; Breath signal: 2.5-3m
Detection sensitivity 25% 50% 75% 100% (by remote MH10 or dip switches)
Hold time

5s/30S /1min / 3min /5min /10min /20min (by remote MH10 )

5s/30s/1min/3min/5min(by dip switches)

Daylight sensor

50Lux/Disable(by dip switches)

5Lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100Lux/150Lux/Disable (by remote MH10)

Mounting height 2.5-4.0m (typical)
Installation Recessed. Cut hole Φ55mm; 2) surface mount by bracket
Wiring Press-in Type Terminals, wire diameter: 0.75mm2-1.5mm2
Operating Temp. 0℃...+50℃
Storage Temperature -25℃...+80℃
Net weight 49±3g
Packing Color box
Life time 5 years warranty@Ta 230V full load




2. Product Function


Walk Mode: a large movement (walking) of the human body.

Leisure Mode: only small motion of the human body, such as: forward, backward, limb swing, head shaking, typing, playing with mobile phones and other minor actions.

Presence Mode: only detects human breathing within 30S (abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity expansion behavior actions), no significant movement is detected.



3. Application Notice


1) The sensor should be installed by a professional electrician. Please disconnect the power before installing, wiring or changing the setting of the dial switch.

2) Put the sensor as far as possible from large areas of metal plate, glass and other materials with high medium density to avoid triggering by mistake.

3) Avoid using objects that have been vibrating for a long time around the sensor, such as shaking fans, etc.The vibration signal will be regarded as the motion signal to trigger the sensor.

4) Avoid the detection window of the daylight sensor of the detector irradiated by an invalid light source, which will interfere with the measurement of ambient light.

5) The product should not be too close to the wireless router at least more than 0.5m apart, when it is installed and used.

6) Setting detecting area and indicator on-off by MH10.(Pressing HS in MH10 makes indicator on and pressing LS in MH10 makes indicator off.)

7) Sensor’s microwave can penetrate wall of building. It may cause misreport when microwave penetrates wall to detect the moving objects outside fortified area. To avoid triggering by mistake, choose suitable place when installing, keep away from glass, plasterboard, wooden wall and other things that microwave can easily penetrate and choose appropriate sensing parameters according to space, for examples:

A. When product is used in the room whose length and width is about 2m or less, detecting area should be set to 25% (application scenario: washroom, sitting room )

B. When product is used in the room whose length and width is about 3m, detecting area should be set to 50% (application scenario: washroom, hallway, sitting room )

C. When product is used in the room whose length and width is about 4m, detecting area should be set to 75% (application scenario: small office, meeting room, library )

D. When product is used in the room whose length and width is about 5m or more, detecting area should be set to 100% (application scenario: large office, meeting room, library )

Note: The setting detecting area depends on the actual environment (detecting area parameters above application scenario are for reference only).

8) Hold time setting: space of one person: 1-3 minutes, space of more than one person: 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is not recommended to set a hold time of more than 5 minutes, so as to avoid the small motion signal in the space from interfering with the hold-time closing.

Contact Details

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