24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Brand Name Merrytek
Certification CE, RoHS
Model Number MSA200D RC
Minimum Order Quantity 50PCS
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Color box + K=K carton
Delivery Time 1, Sample and small order: Within 5 working days after receiving your payment. 2, Bulk order: 3-4 weeks after receiving deposit.
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 10000 pcs/month

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Product Details
Working Voltage 220-240Vac 50Hz Working Mode On/Off Function
Mounting Height 2.5-4.0m Life Time 5 Years Warranty@Ta 230V Full Load
High Light

24GHz DC Microwave Sensor


On Off DC Microwave Sensor


Dry Contact merrytek microwave sensor

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Product Description

24GHz LifeBeing Detecting DC microwave Sensor MSA200D RC

1. Features

The sensor is embedded type dry contact version of lifebeing sensor, which detects movement, slight motion and breathing signals as well, can identify human/no human.

The sensor adopts 24GHz high-gain large-beam millimeter-wave radar technology, which is characterized by the realization of living presence detection.


1) Adopt lifebeing detection technology, can detect movement, slight movement and breathing signals, and realize the true presence detection.

2) Adopt reed tube relay, no voice applied to the hotel.

3) Super small installation size, can be applied to smart building, intelligent hotel, smart office, smart home and other related intelligent control fields.

4) 24-24.25GHz (ISM band) millimeter wave radar. no interference to 5G WIFI and no penetration of detection signals through solid walls.


2. Parameters

Working voltage 12-24V DC
Working current

@12Vdc: 50mA max

@24Vdc: 30mA max

Load type Resistive (Voltage: Vdc≤36V, current: 50mA max)
Microwave Operating frequency 24GHz -24.25GHz, ISM Band
Microwave emission power 3dBm Max.
Antenna 3db beam Angle 100°
Detection range (radius) Moving detection range: 3-4m Slight movement detection range: 3-4m breathing detection range: 3m
Sensitivity adjustable level 100% 75% 50% 25% (Can be set by remote controller MH10)
Hold time 5s/ 30S /1min / 3min /5min /10min /20min (set by remote controller MH10) Remark: at least 30S for lifebeing sensor
Daylight sensor 5Lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100Lux/150Lux/Disable (set by remote controller MH10)
Mounting height 2.5-4.0m

1. Ceiling mounting (realize by adding bracket)

2. Φ45mm embedded type hole size

Wiring Screw terminal block 0.75mm2-1.5mm2
Working temperature 0℃...+50℃
Storage Temperatur -25℃...+80℃
Net weight 29±3g
Package Color box + K=K carton
Lifetime 5 years warranty@Ta 230V full load


3. Functions

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 0

                                    Movement signal active                                         Slight motion& Breathing signal maintain


The sensor detects human walking, slight motion(such as body movement, turn up head and others minor movements) and breathing to realize the detection of human existence in non-sleep state.

* Movement signal: Big movement for sensor triggering within detection area.

* Slight motion signal: very small movement can be collected within detection area, for example: leaning forward, leaning back, body swinging, shaking his head, typing, playing with mobile phones and other small range of behavioral actions.

* Breathing signal: Detected breathing signal (abdominal cavity and chest cavity dilation behavior)


4. Dimension (unit: mm)

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 1


5. Wiring

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 2

6. Structure

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 3

7. Installation Instruction

1)Flush mounting



                                         24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 4

a.Cut a hole of 45 mm on the ceiling.
b.Remove the crimping cover using a flat-head screwdriver.
c.Connect the wire to the terminal.
d.Install the wire cover and press the wire.
e. Bend the spring clamp backward to push the pre-opened hole in the ceiling.
f. Ensure stable and reliable installation.


2)Surface mounting

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 5

a. Cut off the reserved thin wall for the thread.
b. Fix the product on the target mounting surface by a matching screw.
c. Connect the input wire to the wiring terminal, and close the cover tightly.
d. Remove the top cover with a flat-blade screwdriver.
e. Adjust the dial code and the parameters, and then cover the top cover.
f. Push the product into the ceiling seat, the buckle will fasten the product to prevent it from falling off.
g. To separate the product from the ceiling seat, insert a flat-blade screwdriver to the disassembly gap, lift the screwdriver, and pry down with the tip, the product will pop out of the ceiling seat.
h. Ensure stable and reliable after installation.



8. Detection pattern

                                                                 24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 6

1) Due to the influence of electromagnetic wave transmission characteristics, the detection range is related to the size of person, material and thickness of covering, and the effective radar action range will change accordingly.
2) The electromagnetic wave in millimeter wave frequency band has certain penetration characteristics for non-metallic materials. It can penetrate the common glass board screen and thin partition wall, and can detect the moving object behind the shield, but it cannot penetrate the thick load-bearing wall and metal door.



9. Remote Settings

Remote control settings only support sensitivity, delay, ON/OFF, seset, sensor motion, and indicator switch settings.

24GHz Lifebeing Detection DC Microwave Sensor Dry Contact Version MSA200D RC 7

10. Initialization

The first power on, sensor enter self-test mode, and the self-test will be completed after 20 seconds to enter the normal working state. During the initialization, the external motion signal will not be detected, remote control signal not be received.


11. Factory Settings

Detection Area:100% Hold Time:1min Daylight Sensor:Disable Indicator light:open


12. Application notice

1) The sensor should be installed by a professional electrician.

2) Put the sensor as far as possible from large areas of metal plate, glass and other materials with high medium density to avoid triggering by mistake.

3) Avoid using objects that have been vibrating for a long time around the sensor, such as shaking fans, etc. The vibration signal will be regarded as the motion signal to trigger the sensor.

4) Do not install the sensor close to the wireless router, at least above 0.5 meter.

5) MH10 remote control can be used to set the sensitivity and indicate switch Settings, (remote control HS button indicate "on" LS button indicate "off").

6) The microwave sensor may penetrate glass or wooden walls, and the microwave penetrating outside the wall may cause false triggering when it detects moving objects outside. In order to avoid false triggering, please don't install the sensor close to glass door/window, plaster wall and wood wall. And, select appropriate detection area during installation, for example:

A. When the product is used in a room of 2m *2m or smaller space, the detection area should be set to 25% (Application: Washroom or Reception room).

B. When used in a room of about 3m *3m, the detection area should be set to 50% (Application: Restroom, entrance or reception room)

C. When used in a room of about 4m *4m, the detection area should be set to 75% (Application scenario: small office meeting room or library)

D. When used in a room of about 5m *5m or bigger, the detection area should be set to 100% ( Application: large office, conference room or library)

Note: the suitable detection range of the actual application needs to be based on the actual environment. The sensitivity selection of the above application scenarios is only for reference.

7) Hold time Settings: single space: 1 min -3 min, multiplayer space: 30 s -1 min.

It is not recommended to set a delay of more than 5 minutes, so as to avoid interference of small motion signals in the space.