50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Merrytek
Certification: CE
Model Number: MC002D 10
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Bubble bag
Delivery Time: within 5 working days for sample and small order; within 3-4 weeks for bulk order
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs per Month
Detail Information
Input Voltage: 12±1V DC Rated Voltage: 12±0.6V DC
Stand-by Power: ≤0.5W Output: High And Low Frequency Signal / 0-10V Signal
Daylight Sensor: 5lux/15Lux/50Lux/Disable Detection Area: 100%/50%
Detecting Radius: 3-4m (mounting Height 3m), See Note 2 Mounting Height: 6m Max
Operating Frequency: 5.8 GHz ±75 MHz,ISM Band.
High Light:

Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor


50Lux DC Motion Sensor


MC002D 10 Motion Sensor

Product Description

DC Motion Sensor with Slim Design & Daylight Priority Function MC002D 10



1. Features


■ Built in motion sensor and daylight sensor


■ Powered by low voltage 12vdc,output ON/OFF and 0-10V signal


■ Slim design makes it suitable for more luminaries


■ Sensor parameter can be set via DIP switch


■ Daylight priority function


■ 5 years warranty



2. Parameters



Input DC Input Voltage 12±1V DC
Rated Voltage 12±0.6V DC
Stand-by Power <0.5W
Output Working Mode High and low frequency signal / 0-10Vsignal
Sensor Parameters Operating Frequency 5.8 GHz ±75 MHz,ISM Band.
Transmitting power 0.5mW Max.
Hold time 5S/30S/1min/3min
Stand-by DIM Level 25% / 50%
Stand-by period 0s/30S/3in/+∞
Detection Area 50%/100%
Daylight Sensor


Daylight priority: ON / OFF value

5Lux / 15Lux

15Lux / 50Lux

50Lux / 100Lux

Detecting Radius 3-4m (mounting height 3m) See note 2
Mounting Height 6m Max
Detecting Angle 150°



Operating Temperature -25℃…+60℃
Storage Temperature

Temperature: -40℃…+80℃;

Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing)

EMC standards EN55015, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN301489
Environmental Requirement Compliant to RoHS
Others Wiring Cables
IP Rating IP20
Protection Class Class II
Installation Built-in installation
Dimension 53x26.1x16mm
Package Bubble bag
Net Weight 20g without cable
Lifetime 5 years warranty@Ta 230V full load


1. “N/A” means not available.

2. Detection area is effected on volume of motion object and motion speed. The detection area is tested by a 165cm height person and walking speed is 0.3m/s.




1) On/OFF Function (stand-by period be set to “0”s)

50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 0

2) 2-step dimming function (stand-by period be set to “+∞”)

50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 1

3) 3-step dimming function (stand-by period be set to “10S/1min/3min/5min/10min/30min”)


50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 2


4.Dimension (mm)
50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 3



50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 4

*The sensor is designed for connect one load only. Connect more than one loads may damage the sensor.



6. Structure 


50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 5

7. Radiation pattern


Ceiling mounting


50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 6

8. Dip switch setting

50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 7

50Lux Daylight Priority DC Motion Sensor MC002D 10 8

9. Factory Setting


Detection Area: 100%, Hold Time:5S ,Stand-by period:0S , Stand-by dim level:25%, Daylight sensor: Disable


10. Application Notice


1) The sensor should be installed by a professional electrician. Please turn off the power before installing, wiring, changing the setting of the DIP switch.


2) The sensor which installed in the plastic and glass lampshade will reduce the sensitivity.For every 3mm increase in thickness, the sensitivity will be reduced by 20%.


3) The dimming performance could be different from different 0/1-10v drivers.


4) The light sensitivity threshold is in a sunny environment, no shadow and ambient light diffuse reflection..Ambient lux level could be different in different environment, weather, climate, time-of-day and season.


5) The parameters of the sensor may need to be reconfigured in different installation environments. Please refer to the following instructions or contact the manufacturer.


6) Sensor could be triggered by wind and rain,as well as the moving objects nearby,if apply outdoor.


7) The mounting height is no more than 4m,proper mounting height is 3m;the distance between any inductive sensors should be greater than 3m.


8) Do not place the sensor close to high-density objects such as metal, glass,concrete walls, etc, false triggering could happen. When the sensor is installed in a metal lamp, metal reflective surface, or a narrow enclosed environment, the microwave will be reflected repeatedly and cause false triggering. Please reduce the sensitivity or contact the manufacturer for technical support.


9) Please ensure that there are no moving signals around the sensor, such as fan,DC motor, sewer pipe, air outlet, etc., the sensor may generate false trigger.


10) You are advised to test 5 samples before mass application of sensor in a new lighting project.


11) Due to continuous improvement, the contents of this instruction could be changed without prior notice


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